Friday, August 5, 2011

Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island is a barrier Island south of Mobile that is rich in history and natural beauty. It was named Isle Dauphine in 1707 in honor of the wife of the heir apparent to the throne of France. It has beautiful white sand beaches and, at times, the waters around the island can be the same brilliant emerald colors that have made other parts of the gulf coast famous.

Detail from "Vue de l'Isle Dauphine dans la province de La Louisiane", ca. 1718
West End, Dauphin Island, Alabama

Bayou Heron, Dauphin Island, Alabama

Enjoying the Island

Dauphin Island Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo, 2006

Dauphin Island Dunes, George Bryant, 1956


  1. Ahh, che luogo meraviglioso...
    E può succedere anche di incontrarvi deliziose sirenette! ;D
    Buon we carissima.

  2. Dani, le sirenette ti ringraziano di cuore! :)
    Buon weekend anche a te.

  3. Isle Dauphine is Max's favorite playground although we have not visited as often of late as we should... you are right, the waters 'at times' are brilliant in many colours of the rainbow, and not just emerald....

  4. Drick, it is one of my favorite places also. If you buy a summer home there, we will come visit and bring the Mojitos!