Friday, July 1, 2011

Saving a little piece of history, a Savannah Street Shotgun

My husband and I love Mobile's historic architecture. After several fires early this year in the Oakleigh Garden District, we decided it was time to do our part and try to save one of the old houses. We purchased the Verneuille Cottage built in 1888. Although slightly damaged by one of the fires, it was not nearly as bad as it looked. We managed to save a good bit of the original fabric of the house and only replaced the old parts with new where absolutely necessary. The work has gone a good bit faster than we ever imagined thanks to an excellent contractor. 

Project complete...


  1. I'm glad you are blogging about the work on the house. I'll be following it. By the way the Hallbergs just visited Cape May, NJ today and there is some beautiful Victorian architecture there.

  2. I am glad you liked this post. The house is coming along`s very much improved from this pics. Can`t wait for the Hallbergs to see it. Glad you all are having fun. Looking foward to see y`all back in Mobile!

  3. Hi Simona! So glad to see that you are helping to preserve a part of history. What a job that must be. It's coming along wonderfully!

  4. Hi Anita! Thanks for following!I love your blog!I will post updates on the house soon.

  5. OMG!, che coraggio che avete avuto! (è quello che dicono a noi quando vedono le foto del rudere che avevamo comprato ed io rispondo: Non coraggio, INCOSCIENZA!!!)
    Avevo già visto le foto del 'prima', ma non me la ricordavo così disastrata, o forse adesso fa ancora più effetto, paragonata a come è venuta: SPLENDIDA!!!
    Siete stati bravissimi, complimenti ed in bocca al lupo,

  6. Grazie mille Dani! Hai ragione tu: che incoscienti!!! E... crepi il lupo :-)