Saturday, July 30, 2011

Belle Fontaine and Isle Mon Louis

Heading South from Mobile along the western shore of Mobile Bay there are several small communities whose origins date back to French Colonial times.  Among these are Belle Fontaine and Mon Louis Island.  Mon Louis Island was the setting for the book Gulf Stream, one of the best novels written about Mobile.

View from Belle Fontaine Bridge looking east towards Mobile Bay

St. Philip Neri Catholic Church, Belle Fontaine

Creole School, Mon Louis Island

Hiram Austin Bay House C. 1834, Mon Louis Island


  1. Che bei luoghi, bellissime foto!

    Maaa.. che ne diresti di una versione bilingue? ;D


  2. Grazie, Dani! La versione bilingue mi sembra una buonissima idea, ora mi organizzo. :)

  3. nice shots, would like to know more about Mon Luis Island, esp the school... are there any foundations, aid or funds for upkeep???

  4. Thanks! No, the school is privately owned and I am not aware of any actions currently under way to save the school. It is an important part of our local history and identity. I plan to use it on a future post entitled "What Can't Be Lost".