Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Mother of Mystics

Mobile is ground zero for mystic celebration in the United States. As a city and community, we celebrate Mardi Gras better than we do anything else.  Unspoiled and little changed since its beginnings, the pre-lenten festivities start on New Year's Day and go non-stop through Mardi Gras. Because our home is so close to the parade route, we rarely miss a parade and are often joined by family and friends. It is the event of the year.



  1. Great Mardi Gras pics!! If you know anyone who wants a friend to walk with in the MMOR parade, then check out Denson His current residence is in Mobile at ARF

  2. Your blog is a great overview of Mobile, a wonderful southern city. Love the pictures you post ... keep posting ... you have a lot of knowledge to add! I actually highlight a few Mobile places on my site ... Three Georges Chocolates and Wintzell's, two of our fave places in the city.