Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lemon Trees

Price of lemons at Wal-Mart - $0.49 each

Price of lemons at Winn-Dixie - $0.99 each

Growing your own Lemons in your backyard...Priceless

Many things convey the image of life on the gulf coast. Mythical pirates, Jimmy Buffett, and palm trees to name a few.  But there is something special about having your own lemon tree.  It is one of those tangible items that reminds you that you are living in paradise.  Our youthful tree has done well despite the record cold temperatures the past two seasons.  It has actually fared better than some of our more cold hardy citrus.   It produced 26 lemons this year and next year I'm hoping for a bumper crop!


  1. 26 sounds like a bumper to me... now I'll be sniffing for lemony aromas from your kitchen window, what will it be?

  2. Drick,I haven`t decided yet...but I`ll bring some over to you...whatever it will be :)